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mixchallenge's Journal

Mix CD Challenge
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Welcome all to mixchallenge! This is like an icon challenge community, except we're not making icons, we're making fanmixes. Each fortnight (every two weeks) I'll post a new challenge, whether it be a theme or just a tv show or movie, and you will have two weeks to make a fanmix for it.

1// Only one entry per challenge. You cannot change your entry once you have submitted it.

2// You are responsible for uploading your mix. I do not require that you upload each song individually, but every song must be uploaded in some form. You are also responsible for making sure that your mix is downloadable until the challenge is over.

3// Cover art is not a necessity, but it's always nice to have. If you have cover art, I ask that you put it behind an LJ-cut.

4// To submit an entry, just post it on this community as if you were posting a regular LJ entry. All entries are moderated, so if there's something wrong with your entry, I'll reject and tell you what you need to fix.

5// No bashing someone else's entry. Everyone who enters has probably put a lot of effort into their mix, so be respectful of that effort. We're all civil human beings here.

6// Voting will be in the form of screened comments. You are to vote for your 3 favorite entries in order (i.e. most favorite first, etc).

7// When voting, please don't vote for your own entry. If you do, I will not count your vote.

8// If you have any challenge suggestions, post them on the Suggestion Post

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If you have any other suggestions, let me know and I'll post them.