magickalfaery (magickalfaery) wrote in mixchallenge,

Voting for Challenge 1

Alright, time for voting! Unfortunately we only have 5 entries, but I really didn't want to extend the challenge again, so hopefully more people will participate next time. Here's how this is going to work, post your vote as a comment to this post, and because we only have 5 entries, I only want you guys to vote for your favorite two in order of preference (ie. if you're voting for 6 and 8 and you like 8 better than 6, list them 8, 6 when you vote).

1// Veronica Mars - LoVe - Worth Repeating
2// Stargate Atlantis - Team - Team Drama
3// the west wing - sam seaborn - little red wagon's got a new jet engine
4// One Tree Hill - Naley - Never Opened Myself Up This Way
5// Supernatural - Dean Winchester - Wicked Times
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