magickalfaery (magickalfaery) wrote in mixchallenge,

Challenge 1

Time for the very first challenge! I've decided to make the first challenge a free for all, just to get an idea for how many people will participate and what fandoms you guys make mixes for. Because this is the first challenge, and we're still gathering up members, I'm gonna make the deadline for this challenge April 16th. I will post plenty of reminders between now and then.

1// You can make a fanmix for pretty much anything you want to. It is a free for all after all.
2// When you post your entry, put the fandom, subject, and title of the mix in the subject of your post (i.e. if you're making a fanmix for Dean from Supernatural, your subject will read: Supernatural - Dean Winchester - title of mix)
3// Entries are due April 16th. However, I will accept entries until I post the voting. So if I post the voting on April 18th, any entries that were entered after April 16th, but before I posted voting will be valid.
4// Have fun!!
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