magickalfaery (magickalfaery) wrote in mixchallenge,

Challenge 2

Alright, time for a new challenge. I'm gonna keep the challenges as general as possible until we get more members and more participants. The next challenge will be your favorite ship. The deadline for this challenge will be May 21st.

1// You can make a fanmix for any ship from any fandom.
2// When you post your entry, put the fandom, subject, and title of the mix in the subject of your post (i.e. if you're making a fanmix for Dean from Supernatural, your subject will read: Supernatural - Dean Winchester - title of mix)
3// Entries are due May 21st. However, I will accept entries until I post the voting.
4// Have fun!!

On Another note, I haven't announced the winners of the first challenge because, thus far, there have only been 4 votes. We need a couple more votes before I announce the winners, so please head over to the voting post and cast your vote. You can vote whether you participated or not!
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