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Stargate Atlantis - Team - Team Drama

I haven't made any fanmixes in over a year, but the past week I've started 5. Oops. This started out as a totally different subject but morphed into this.
So, originally this was going to be a McKay/Sheppard mix. but as I was going through my music, I wanted to do some team lovin'.  However, all the songs about how everyone's having sex with one another got cut (saved for another mix!) and so this became something I rarely do, it became serious. So this covers Ronon/Rodney/Telya/Sheppard's (SGA-1? Is that ever covered in canon?) relationships with one another and mainly their missions. I had a psuedo-story going on in my head (mission gone wrong, someone taken or missing or something, etc.) but decided not to write much.

Team Drama
(an OT4 fanmix)

Miles From Our Home by Cowboy Junkies
The sky as still as a spinning top
Shooting stars drop like burning words from above
If I could just connect all these dots
The truth would tumble like a Cynic vexed by love.

And yet people keep saying
I'm miles from my home,
Miles from my home.

{All four of them are far away from what they considered home. But now Atlantis is home}

In Denial by End of Fashion
Oh they`re attacking,
Follow them round,
There goes my curer,
Swallow her down,
We`ll suffocate ourselves,
You say I lost my way,
But we`ll explain ourselves,
In a language we cannot speak
Then we`ll expose ourselves
To a nation we cannot say

{Going on missions can be tough. Especially with everyone attacking them.}

This Town's Religion by Delays
This towns’, this towns’ religion,
I don’t get it; I just don’t get it,
Shoot first, think last, forgive me,

{Some of the cultural customs are a little weird. And some of them are down right threatening}

We Might Fall Apart by Disco Ensemble
There's something strange about the way the tap-water tastes
Making speeches for the walls gets harder with every phrase
I woke up and everyone had gone
I woke up when the sun was setting
I woke up and you were gone away

{Something odd is going on}

Sit Down. Stand Up. by Radiohead
walk into the jaws of hell (sit down, stand up)
anytime (sit down)
sit down, stand up
we can wipe you out anytime (sit down, stand up)

{When threatened, they're not afraid to threaten back to protect their own}

These Are Your Friends by Adem
What have you done? You're cutting your cord
You're floating in space
But these are your friends
They'll be your star-map home
Everybody needs some help sometimes

{Someone goes missing on a mission but return alright, with a little help from the rest of the team}

The Night it Went to Far by Jet Set Satellite
The camera doesn't lie, this is what we've done
So far from where we had started from
Soothing the egos of losers in a game much bigger
What were we doing here?

Thrust into a bad dream, descended like a smokescreen
The night it went too far
To bend, to steal
The night it went too far
To mend, to feel
The night it went too far

{Something goes wrong, someone gets hurt, the rest of the team react. Something goes wrong}

Map of the Problematique by Muse
Fear, and panic in the air
I want to be free
From desolation and despair
And I feel like everything I sow
Is being swept away
And I refuse to let you go
(chosen mainly for the music itself, more so than the lyrics)

{They have to run for their lives. Even if it's the hundreth time, it's scary as hell}

Die Another Day by Madonna
I think I'll find another way
There's so much more to know
I guess I'll die another day
It's not my time to go

{They avoid death yet again}

Advisory Committee by Mirah
Heard a shot rang through the woods
Couldn't tell from what direction
Spun around and tried to see
If there were two if there were three

The mist came down the ground was wet
I talked with you inside my head
The way i have forgotten back
Quickly prepare it's an attack

{They visit a planet. Seems the Wraith are visiting too. The team's smart and experienced, they know how to handle combat}

Another One Bites the Dust by Queen
Are you ready hey are you ready for this?
Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?
Out of the doorway the bullets rip
To the sound of the beat yeah

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone and another one gone

{Wraith hunting!}

Invincible by OK Go
When they finally come to destroy the earth
 they'll have to go through you first.
I bet they won't be expecting that.

{Alright, the Wraith do they know about Atlantis again but the Atlanteans always have some tricks up their sleeves}

Team Drama by The Automatic
It’s a shame
That shit goes wrong
But it happens to the rest of us
Go team go team go team go!

{Go team go!}

Zip @ Megaupload

Art by me, textures from gender, and screencaps (well, cap) from Beyond the Stargate gallery

If the zip expires, you see some errors, or want an individual song, just give me a shout (...a nice shout) and I'll see what I can do. Please comment if taking, I put a lot of working deciding what to put in this mix. This comm certainly kicked me into gear to make it. Enjoy!
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